Claims handling services


We provide comprehensive claims handling services for our member. Graduated from high-ranking maritime universities, our claims teams are familiar with laws, regulations and international conventions relating to shipping industry, and have rich experience in handling all kinds of claims, including personal injury and illness, cargo liabilities, collisions, pollution wreck removal, etc. Our claims teams are always ready for emergency response in significant maritime accidents. In conclusion, China P&I Club strives to offer a 24/7 professional and efficient claims services around the globe to our Members, with a worldwide network of correspondents, lawyers, and experts.


Upon receiving new claims from Members, our claim staff will quickly analyze the case first, and then appoint local correspondents or surveyors to investigate the accidents on site and assist in collecting the relevant evidence. If necessary, we will engage experts specialized in fire, chemistry, oil pollution and collision accidents into the investigation, in order to determine the cause of the accident and the extent of loss. Based on the evidence collected, our claim handlers will assist Members in starting settlement negotiations with claimants at appropriate time. Sometimes, we would seek professional advice from lawyers or experts. Our aim is to minimize the compensation and protect member’s interests. If a settlement agreement could not be reached and the claim went to court or arbitration, the Club will instruct professional lawyers to respond to the legal proceedings on behalf of Member, and defend the case according to local laws and international conventions.


We also offer consultant service to our members in both claim handling and legal aspects of personal injury and death, bill of lading, charter party clauses, and other hot legal topics in marine sector.


Innovative Mechanism of the Vessel Release from Judicial Arrest


In 2020, China P&I Club signed a MOU (memorandum of Understanding) with the Shanghai Maritime Court, taking the lead in creating an innovative mechanism of the vessel release from judicial arrest. We provide the Shanghai Maritime Court with a list of our entered ships. When a claimant lodges an application to the Shanghai Maritime Court for the arrest of a vessel in the list, we will initiate the innovative mechanism, subject to the internal approval. The Club will provide LOU to lift the arrest immediately. Such mechanism could avoid the ship from being physically arrested. It has been recognized by the Supreme People's Court and highly appreciated by the Owners.


We have expanded the mechanism in China by signing MOUs with other maritime courts to further promote the service. We are dedicated to protecting the normal operation of our Members by providing vessel release services with zero gap. Innovative Mechanism of the Vessel Release from Judicial Arrest has been recognized as an important achievement at the 2023 North Bund International Shipping Forum and the 2023 Qingdao Free Trade - First Maritime (Judicial) Innovation Conference.