Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D), is a discretionary legal cost and expense insurance incurred by agreed matters or events. The Association’s professional team also provides legal advice, modifies various legal documents and negotiates with the opposing party for members. 


Scope of Cover

FD&D covers the costs and expenses reasonably incurred in connection with the following matters or events:


1. Bill of lading dispute;

2. Voyage charter dispute;

3. Time charter dispute;

4. Bareboat charter dispute;

5. Other carriage contract dispute;

6. Ship's collision dispute;

7. Salvage dispute;

8. Policy of insurance dispute;

9. Damage to the ship dispute;

10. The ship's protection;

11. Building, sale and repair of the ship disputes;

12. Mortgage dispute;

13. Any other contract dispute;

14. Other matters.


Most of the disputes referred to the FD&D team are bill of lading and charter-party disputes.


Our Service 

Through close contact with many IG clubs and renowned international law firms, the Association’s professional staff will provide professional legal opinions regarding members’ cases and enquiries. The Association also seek competent and qualified lawyers, surveyors and correspondents around the world for members, providing specific support in members’ cases in the event of arbitration and lawsuit, minimizing members’ legal costs, and handles various types of enquiries and issues promptly and efficiently. 


The Association and its UK Company’s FD&D team is comprised of lawyers with experience practicing Chinese and English laws, dedicated to providing legal service and support in more than one jurisdiction and facilitating lawsuits and arbitrations in UK for members in an efficient manner.


For more information about FDD cover, please refer to the “Publications” and “Knowledge Bank” on our website.