Our Service

China P&I Club is the largest P&I insurer in China, and provides members with excellent underwriting quality as well as an advanced data analysis system which delivers timely pricing. CPI Blue Cards, Certificates and LOUs are accepted at major ports and countries around the world. The Association has commercial relationships with 6 major IG Clubs.


The Association is committed to providing professional, timely and efficient claims service to members. The claims team has extensive claims handling experience, works closely with members, and always puts members’ interest first. Our claims team is experienced in handling various types of claims such as pollution by oil and other hazardous substances, death, illness, or injury to crew and other passengers on board, cargo liabilities, collision and damage to dock and other property and installations, wreck removal and fines. The claims team and loss prevention team respond immediately to major marine casualty or accident. 


In addition to claims handling, the Association also provides members with a wide range of services including consulting on legal issues and loss prevention.


Scope of Cover

The Protection and Indemnity coverage provided by the Association includes:

1. Loss of life, personal injury and illness of crew and passengers on board; 

2. Cargo liability;

3. Pollution risk;

4. Wreck removal;

5. Collision & damage to fixed and floating objects;

6. Fines and penalties, crew repatriation and substitution, towage liabilities, etc.