Underwriting Committee

  • Director, Underwriting Committee

    PIAO Junlong

    Mr. PIAO Junlong, Director of Underwriting Committee. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Minzu University of China in August 1989 and a Master’s Degree in Economics from Central University of Finance and Economics in April 1993. He joined CPI in May 1993, working for and heading the Underwriting Department from 1993 to 2020. Appointed as Director of Underwriting Committee in May 2020, he oversees the formulation and implementation of pricing and underwriting policies, review of reinsurance strategies and arrangements, major risks exposure management, and monitoring of unearned premium reserving and loss reserving.

  • Deputy Director, Underwriting Committee

    YUE Yan

    Mr. YUE Yan, Deputy Director of Underwriting Committee, Senior Economist. He obtained a B.Sc. Degree in Industrial Management from Tianjin University in July 1991 and a M.S. Degree in Insurance from Central University of Finance and Economics in April 1994. Mr. YUE Yan holds the PRC Legal Professional Qualification Certificate. He joined CPI in April 1994 and has been working for the Underwriting Department for over two decades. Appointed as Deputy Director of Underwriting Committee in May 2020, he assists the Underwriting Committee with P&I, Charterer's Liability Insurance, and FD&D business.

  • Committee Member, Underwriting Committee

    QIAO Qing (Forrest)

    Mr. QIAO Qing (Forrest), Member of Underwriting Committee, Member of Claims Committee, Member of Marketing & Membership Committee, General Manager of Underwriting Department. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Maritime Law from Shanghai Maritime University. He is an external mentor of Shanghai Maritime University School of Law. He worked as a supervisor for a famous shipowner company and a manager for a well-known insurance broker. He joined CPI in July 2016, and was appointed in the current positions in May 2020. He is mainly responsible for P&I and other relevant business.

  • Committee Member, Underwriting Committee

    LU Xingwen

    Ms. Xingwen Lu, Consultant, Member of Underwriting Committee. She obtained a Bachelor' s Degree of Economics from Nankai University and a Master’s Degree of Mathematics in Actuarial Science from University of Waterloo. After graduation, she worked in Canada Financial Services Regulatory Authority and a well-known insurance company for several years, with experience gained in insurance regulation, data analysis, P&C Pricing and Economic Capital Modeling. She joined CPI in 2020 and is responsible for the actuarial services including reserves estimation, actuarial reports, capital adequacy tests, etc.